Bridges Across Borders was founded in Bradford county in 2003. Now we see our area’s waters threatened by a proposed phosphate mine straddling the New River, and our neighboring Union county, which feeds into the Santa Fe River. There are thousands of acres of wetlands on the project site, endangered and threatened species that live there, and our fragile aquifer that is subject to depletion and contamination. We humans are concerned about our wells, our quality of life, and our health. Help us raise the funds for printing, postage, and expert testimony. Help us say, “NO PHOSPHATE MINING IN BRADFORD AND UNION COUNTIES.”

Painting by Ana Tierra




Friends and relatives … Please join us for a lunch of tamales and beans this coming Saturday, May 4th at the Southside Presbyterian Church Fellowship Hall at 317 W. 23rd St. Tucson, AZ for a Border Lunch and Art Sale.


Browse our selection of woven handbags from Colombia, get one of the many baskets created by our Wounan artisans (indigenous tribe from the areas of panama and Colombia), and buy some of the paintings of our amazing Colombian artist and activist Ana Maria Vasquez.

Your presence and solidarity will help us achieve our goals:

To support education programs for the indigenous people of Jaque, Panama.

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John J. Neumaier

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More About Frank

  Frank Schiavone was our BRIDGES Historian until his passing in 2008. He was a dedicated peace activist and our very favorite atheist. Frank could not understand the need for threat of punishment (hell) or promise of reward (heaven) was needed as a motivating factor to prompt “right” action. We loved his stories and we encouraged him to repeat them …

Youth Leadership Gathering

     What an amazing experience!  We achieved our stated purpose of giving hope, opportunity to grow, and pockets full of good memories to young people who live life in the midst of war. Jaque, Darien, Panama is the last town on the border of Jurado, Colombia, site of numerous massacres that prompted mass exodus over the “imaginary” line. Hosting camp …