Bridges Across Borders is an international, non-governmental organization that was formed to address the root causes of violence and hatred in the world.We are working to dissolve the imagined and imposed borders that separate us by…

  • Encouraging a cooperative spirit that builds understanding of our global community
  • Supporting projects that lead to sustainable economic self-sufficiency
  • Preserving ancient cultures and ancient species
  • Teaching creative nonviolent methods of resolving conflict
  • Promoting universal principles of human rights


  • Facilitating cross cultural exchanges, friendship tours, international conferences and child sponsorship programs
  • Initiating and supporting sustainable community development and capacity building projects, educational initiatives and viable economic alternatives
  • Providing food and water security and access to health care in the communities in which we work.
  • Raising awareness in the global North about the plight of those living in the global South, promoting simple living and global responsibility
  • Promoting peaceful conflict resolution, universal protection of human rights, racial and gender equality, and international cooperation
  • Ushering in the next generation of global citizens.