December 3, 2023

Friends and relatives … Please join us for a lunch of tamales and beans this coming Saturday, May 4th at the Southside Presbyterian Church Fellowship Hall at 317 W. 23rd St. Tucson, AZ for a Border Lunch and Art Sale.


Browse our selection of woven handbags from Colombia, get one of the many baskets created by our Wounan artisans (indigenous tribe from the areas of panama and Colombia), and buy some of the paintings of our amazing Colombian artist and activist Ana Maria Vasquez.

Your presence and solidarity will help us achieve our goals:

To support education programs for the indigenous people of Jaque, Panama.

To instruct the people and help with the preservation of the olive ridge sea turtle that come to nest in the beaches of Jaque.

To conduct non-violence workshops in prisons in Sonora, Mexico.

To provide instruments for musical education for the children of “el reino de los niños”; An orphanage in Magdalena Sonora.

To provide free lunches for refugee children in the Village of Fundacion, Colombia.

To promote environmental justice and other projects here and across the border.

(Donations welcome but not necessary)

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