December 3, 2023

100_1414Due to the complex nature of Colombia’s internal conflict, finding a solution seems nearly impossible. But as citizens of the country that is supporting a government which is responsible for the death and displacement of millions of people, it is our responsibility to question to ethics of our own government’s involvement. By educating ourselves to the context in which these situations take place and by becoming aware to our governments role in them we can be better prepared to help those within the international community. It is our responsibility as fellow humans to do our best to insure that all people around the world are afforded cultural freedom of expression and the right to life. By petitioning our state legislators, congressmen, senators and even the president we make it known that we will not sit by silently while our government continues to support the countries that are known to violate human rights laws. By speaking to others about these issues and openly supporting people like Debora we create a collective consciousness geared at seeking sustainable solutions to the various struggles that the worlds poor and indigenous face on a daily basis.

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