September 25, 2023

BeforeOfficeoffice2It is hard to believe that the run down, old construction office trailer could be revived from what it was in the photo top left, to what it is today. We are proud that we do a lot with very little. Your support is not spent on high salaries or fancy digs. Our humble trailer now has a nice porch and roof–over that keeps the sun from beating in our windows. We laid flooring and polished the wooden wall paneling, built a closet and added paint and a beautiful Ana Tierra inspired mural to the outside. We are nestled in a country setting among the Pecan and fruit trees and accompanied by our animal friends, both wild and domestic.

We attempt to use (and re-use) recycled products. We promote organic farming and buying, native seed saving, and voluntary simplicity in our lifestyles and workplace. We feed our shredded paper, along with our vegetable scraps, to our composting worms, who then give us “black gold” for the

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