December 3, 2023

Music Across Borders is dedicated to teaching young people in the Casa Elizabet orphange in Magdalena, Mexico, how to play Suzuki method of violin. Thanks to the Wallack Foundation, in memory of Ian Ben Wallack, and a grant from Hungry For Music,, we are thrilled to announce that we now have the 20 instructional violins needed to initiate this project. The violin instructor, Jennifer Sordyl, comes across the border from Arizona once a month to teach the kids in the orphanage. This program has attracted new requests for lessons from additional children. We are determined to make it happen!

Here’s our latest report by our violin instructor, Jennifer Sordyl:

Playing in the Trees girls r-1“We have made such incredible strides this summer, thanks to the volunteer help from Michi Regier.

Since Michi was able to spend three weeks at Casa Elizabet, the kids had many more lessons, and a lot more leadership with their practice and group lessons. Michi has helped them prepare an actual performance program, which they have now done twice for the public.

One little boy in particular, Gaston, age 7, couldn’t play the whole Twinkle song when I was there in June, and in July when I returned a month later, Michi had him playing not one, but two whole songs. He was so proud of his progress, and so was I!”

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