December 3, 2023

This program began when nurse Maritza took us to a beautiful plot of land on the sea with fruit trees behind, and told us she had been keeping the jungle at bay here for 17 years while she maintained her dream of an Elder Casa for the most in need elders. We share her dream and do hope someday to help make it happen, but for now we’ve vowed to raise funds for one good meal to be delivered to their home each day. We call the program Meals on Heels because there are no roads in the small town, so the meals are delivered on foot. BRIDGES’ Historian, Frank Schiavone, kicked off the program with $500 seed money. We need one dollar per day per elder, and we are now feeding 17 of them. If you would like to sponsor an elder or a segment of time funding the whole program (a week, month, year…), please let us know. We would love to see this program be funded elder to elder across the borders.


Elder's house

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