December 3, 2023

Jaque SchoolWe continue to support the growth of the year-old High School for the Earth in Jaque, Darien, Panama. BRIDGES, along with other Panamanian groups, is supporting Colegio de la Tierra which provides high-school level education for indigenous and other young people in Jaque. This is a huge boon for this isolated coastal jungle community, where previously parents were forced to choose between sending their children off to expensive residential schools in Panama City or forgoing their children’s secondary education. The school’s focus on teaching these indigenous youth sustainable forestry and the scientific study of the local ecology is right in line with BAB’s mission to “preserve ancient cultures and ancient species.” We are looking forward to the possibility of expanding the school’s curriculum to include the 12th grade, and we are always interested in recruiting teachers, interns and volunteers to assist with the programs. Can you help us by making a donation to support expansion of the school’s educational programs? Perhaps you’d like to donate your time and your passion to working directly with these young people, to aid them in their quest for knowledge that will help them preserve and protect their people’s delicately balanced relationship with the incredibly diverse natural world that surrounds them.

For more  information please visit Colegio de la Tierra


A Kid-Friendly Professional-Quality Science Lab Microscope kit and book $79.95

Set of 25 Slides $29.95

Human Body Model $29.95

MegaView TV Microscope $69.95

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Chemistry Set $89.95

3D Anatomy Puzzles (Head and Torso, Eyeball, Heart, Cranial Nerve Skull) $10.95 each

Wooden test tube support w/ tubes 18.95

Eye goggles $5.00 (need 20 pair total)

Cell model- animal $10.90

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