December 3, 2023

My Experience Volunteering with Bridges Across Borders

This is an opportunity 100_4843I had been hoping for for a long time. I always wanted to come back to Florida, especially because I wanted to see Carol Mosley again, who is like my second mom, and to work with her at Bridges Across Borders. Now I am here to share with other people my experience in Colombia and to tell everybody about my country and my projects, like the little library “Books to Dream.” I think that for youth, it is very important to read because it is the opportunity to know others and to know different things. I sponsor a small, one-room library in Bogotá, Colombia.

Now I’m older than the first time I came to the U.S. when I was 16; now I’m 22 and it was a different and exciting birthday. It was spent tabling at the S.O.A. (School of Americas) Vigil, where many soldiers are trained for war in my country. This has been an excellent opportunity to practice my English. Now it is better… I hope so! I visited a lot of places and groups and met very kind people. I went to the beach again because six years ago I met the sea for the first time. Another thing that was very significant was to find to people that I met in my first trip.

adrianasThe holidays were very fun. We shared with a lot of people who now are like my other family. I ate different kinds of food (Korean, Italian, Chinese, Thai). It was great!! Now I’m fatter but it’s not a problem…

Now, I will go back to Colombia, but I’m very happy because I have many plans. My library, my university, my family and my next trip to Jaque, Darien…that will be great!

I hope to come to the USA again soon and to continue learning new things and sharing with others.

Thank you for this wonderful experience.

God and Pacha Mama bless you!!!

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