December 3, 2023

BRIDGES ACROSS BORDERS is an international collaboration of activists, artists, students, educators, and others who cherish cultural diversity and global peace. We formed this collaboration of groups and individuals to address the root causes of violence and hatred in the world, to examine the attitudes that cause us to view each other as enemies, and to seek understanding that allows us to appreciate each other as friends. We believe we can teach peace and dissipate hate.

The Co-Founders/Board of Directors came together to “weave” their individual projects into a people-to-people web of collaborators after realizing the common threads of economic disempowerment, environmental destruction, and cultural decimation were repeated across the globe. We have looked into the eyes of people who have had unbelievable acts of terror committed against them, and they have asked, “Why are “they” doing this to us? We have never done anything to them.”

But we are just the “weavers.” The people who make it all happen are the everyday hero-folk, like you, who saw a piece they were drawn to and just ran with it. They are the people (la gente) of threatened communities who stand firm against the odds and demand “Life, Dignity, and Self-determination.”

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