In Memoriam

What do we really want from the whole of our lives but to leave a legacy? We want to be thought of on occasion and remembered kindly. We hope that with our life we have made this planet just a little better off. This is the legacy we want to leave for the children of the future.

Much of what we do at BRIDGES honors the foundation left by those who’ve come before us. We know these real life heroines and heroes live on through our thoughts and actions we take. We want them to be proud, and we are grateful for their gifts.

This Memoriam section honors the memory of people who have been near and dear to us in various ways, whether through direct support for BRIDGES or our members, been related through the work of our projects, or by the influence their life has had on our passion for creating a more just and peaceful planet. We all know the deep pain of loss and we grieve also for those who have lost loved ones recently in these violent times across the planet. We ache as we watch the news. The tendency is to feel hopelessness with such vast suffering all around us. But if we take a step, any little step at all, we set in motion a dynamic of creating a critical mass that will bring in a paradigm shift from competition to cooperation.

If you wish to honor a loved one by support for one of our projects or general support for Bridges Across Borders, please let us know. And thank you for the legacy you are creating by the way you live your life each and every day.


Frank_Schiavone Frank Schiavone It is with sadness for his passing and joy for the powerful impact of his life that we report the loss of South Florida activist and BRIDGES Advisory Board member Frank Schiavone. Frankie was a courageous, lifelong pacifist who served prison time as a conscientious objector during WWII. He was famous for his annual holiday ritual of dressing up as Santa Claus and hitting the malls with his “Don’t Buy War Toys” sign. Click here for more about Frank



Peg McIntire North Florida and the world have lost a courageous, dedicated “peaceful warrior” for social change with the passing of our dear friend, Peg McIntire. Peg was a lifelong member of the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom, a co-founder of Grandparents for Peace, and a strong supporter of BRIDGES, to name just a few of her many accomplishments in the movement for worldwide peace and justice. In this picture, Peg is receiving BRIDGES’ “Rock” Award.




Arlyne Goodwin Our pilgrimage to the School of the Americas protest at Ft. Benning in Columbus, GA was not the same this year without the chance to see our friend Arlyne, who made the vigil annually along with her husband, Archie.