June 8, 2023


One of our first projects was to get a preschool started where 3-5 year olds can be safe and nurtured. This gives Mom a chance to pursue other avenues for a few hours each morning. The children are assured a nutritious drink and snack each day and the teachers can make a small but incredibly meaningful salary. BAB has initiated two pre-schools in Jacque, which are now self-sustaining community services.

This project is an amazing example of community spirit. The two pre-schools that are up and running have been adopted by Casa Taller, a small private school in Panama City. They supply a stipend for teachers, as well as provide the nutritional snacks for the children each day.


These few hours per day without worrying about their children can mean a lot to local women, allowing them to work in cooperatives or accomplish other tasks, and some early educational fun is welcomed by kids who have known hard times and even sometimes witnessed horrible violence.


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