December 3, 2023
From April 15-20, 2013, the Wayuu people of Bahia Portete commemorated the 9th anniversary of the massacre of their community, which has been suffering from the genocide against their people. They are claiming justice, collective reparation, and the return of the people to their ancestral territory with dignity and a guarantee of their life and safety from the Colombian government.
The community is united in civil resistance with other indigenous peoples, weaving day by day the reconstruction of memory and dreams for the new generation to return. They are continuing to invite the presence of delegates from municipal, national, and international organizations to help the community to return and to recognize the pain and suffering of all the victims.
“It’s the 9th aniversary of the massacre at Bahia Portete, and for three days we commemorated what happened then. Today with great sadness I have to say that I still remember clearly all that happened 9 years ago — and continues to happen to this day. After all these years, I feel so much pain inside of me that I can’t hold back my tears that run like rivers down my cheeks, and my throat closes  … making it hard to breathe. But from here I go forward … for the return of my family and of our community … WE WILL NEVER FORGET YOU!”  Deborah Barros Fince
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