Invitation to 6th Annual Yanama

Invitation to 6th Yanama
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Riohacha , Guajira 21 de Marzo de 2010

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Receive this brotherly/sisterly greeting from the Wayuu community of Bahia Portete.

This event commemorates the anniversary of the Sixth year of the massacre of our community that constitutes the genocide against our town, which was the greatest affront to our culture in all our history, because it touched those most sacred in our community: the women and the children.

Our Wayúu community of Bahia Portete will host “SIXTH YANAMA, LAPÛU SAU^U WOUNMAIN, DREAM OF OUR TERRITORY, FOLLOWING STEP BY STEP the TRACKS TO LOOK FOR the TRUTH AND JUSTICE, united by the civil resistance of the indigenous towns, weaving day to day and committed to the memory and the dreams of future generations for our return.

In Bahia Portete, Alta Guajira – Colombia, during days 15 to the 20 of April of 2010, we extend this very special invitation. For the Wayúu community it is important to have your support and solidarity and we count on your presence, as regional delegates, national and international, in this most significant Commemoration as an indigenous community.

With gratitude,


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Rte. AKOSHIJIRRAWA | Email [email protected] | Celular: 3004229793

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